Just the thought of Paris brings so many fabulous things to mind. The fashion, the sights, the art, the playgrounds. Yes, really, the playgrounds. If you plan to visit Paris with kids, I encourage you to go to the parks, especially the Jardin de Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens). Situated in the lively Quartier Latin (Latin quarter), the gardens have many sections reserved exclusively for children’s activities. The outdoor playground is a wonderful acknowledgement of outdoor play for kids of all ages. A marionette show indulges the fun and fantasy of childhood. You can rent toy boats and your child can race them in the oval pond with the ducks. Wednesday is the perfect day to go because school ends early and all the families are out and about. Pick up some cafe au lait, sandwiches, and a fruit tart from a corner boulangerie (they are everywhere in Paris!). That is one heck of an outing with your kids in Paris.

Have you had any perfect outings abroad or in US? If so, please share.


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