In part one of the picky eater series, I talked about the physiological appetite slump in toddlers. The appetite slump usually occurs between ages 1-3 years. During this time, lot of parents come to me and say, “He only eats two bites and then pushes the plate away. How do I get him to eat more?” My answer usually is, “If he eats two bites, then make those the most two nutritious bites ever.” Ok I say a lot more things, but today’s topic is how to fortify the food with as much nutrition and good calories as possible for your picky eater.

Here are some ideas:
Think good calories, not bad calories. Just because you want to increase his caloric intake does not mean you should load him up with ice cream, cookies, and all sorts of sugary and fried foods. So what do I mean by good calories? See the ideas below:

1. If you are making pasta, rice, or noodles, then scramble egg as finely as you can and add that in.
2. Use whole milk products for cooking for instance like creamed spinach.
3. Add a dollop of butter to toast, waffles, soups, and rice (and many other foods).
4. Snack time should be as nutritious as meal time. Peanut butter, avocado, whole milk cheese, Nutella are some of my go-to snack fortifiers.
5. If the three meals a day is not working out at your home, then do five small meals a day. And try to make those as nutritious as possible.
6. Add very fine pieces of cooked meats into the food your prepare. I think soups are especially good for this. Stay posted for a recipe for my “Supersoup.”
7. Finally, don’t let them graze all day on food and drinks. Structure those five small meals. Make it clear that there is a time and place for food or snack (and that is only set by you). Believe me, it is very important to do it now.

I think I can write a book on this topic (LOL). Let me know what you want to read about?


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