“You can only watch TV on the weekends,” I remind my little one after school.  “Okay,” she sighs and she begins to play with her blocks.

I give myself a mental pat on the back for sticking to my guns.  TV is not good for her little brain.  I would much rather she engage in creative play or a learning activity.

Ha, little do I know.  What I thought to be minimal TV exposure is not so “minimal” in reality.  Yes, she is reading or coloring, but the TV is often playing in the background.  Whether it is CNN or Project Runway or Indian soap operas, the TV is literally “on” for hours.

A recent study showed that kids in the U.S. are exposed to about four hours of background TV.  Add that to the 2 hours of TV kids watch actively.  Six hours — that is equal to the time they spend learning in school.

In my practice, I always talk about the health and behavioral problems caused by kids watching too much TV.   But, what about us parents?  Could our media addiction be harming our children indirectly?  My parental intuition says, “Without a doubt.”

What are your thoughts on this disturbing statistic?



  1. My intuition says the same as yours, though my vice is the computer rather than TV. I believe that if it’s unhealthy for kids, it’s probably unhealthy for adults, and unhealthy adults don’t parent as well, which is bad for the kids. Not to mention the example we set. I’m enjoying reading through your blog. Thanks for following me.

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