My Journey

As a pediatrician, I felt pretty prepared for motherhood. And why not? I gave baby advice to parents all the time. That was my day job after all. Well… I was right (sort of). Armed with my medical knowledge, I was flabbergasted when I did not have all the answers. Is she teething? Is she colicky? Is she gassy? Who knows? Pediatrician or not, as a parent, my objectivity and medical knowledge went out of the window.

It was time to call for help. So who do you think I asked? My mother, of course. The more conversations I had with her, the more I realized that she is passing on whatever her mother used to say to her. And you know what, much of the advice was so true. It worked for my child. Before I knew it, I was doing what my great-great grandmother used to do with her kids. Wait a minute… Was that even possible in this day and age? Yes why not? I slowly grew into a mom who seeks out herbs, organic foods, and natural cures. I actively look for alternatives for my patients and for my family.

Yes, I am in the early years of my parenting journey, but there is one truth I have come to realize. Being a parent is an absolute gift from God. And when it comes to parenting, my ancestors may have had it right. So come share this journey of parenting, culture, and life with me. Wishing you the best journey!!


2 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Loved your recent updates on summer planning with your kids and about the pacifier binky! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. Being a new mother I need all your advice for my baby’s future!

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