Your baby either chews on books or chucks them across the room. “Wait, this is not a football. He is supposed to be reading this book,” you say to your hubby. Well, is he? A lot of parents don’t know what to expect when they read to their child.

Babies don’t have much of an attention span. They just stare off into space while you are reading. They may look at you and coo and smile. They will rarely bother to even hold the book, let alone look at the pictures.

A six month old may hold the book, but generally drools all over it.
A one year old may look at the pictures transiently and even point to them.
A one and a half-year old will turn pages of the book and identify some things.
A two-year old will listen to a simple story, but may not care for all the details.
A three-year old often wants to hear the same books over and over and will tell you the story by looking at the pictures.
A four-year old starts to put sounds together to read the words.

Here’s a not-so-radical idea. Start reading to your baby during pregnancy and onwards. Believe me, he is listening to you all the way. The little nerve cells are firing off and absorbing your sounds and words. Let’s foster a lifelong love of learning and imagination from day one.

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