camping trip

Living in the lush landscape of the Northeast has it advantages.  While summer activities abound, so do the insects.  Every summer, parents ask me if there are any bug repellents that I recommend.  For my family, I use bug repellents that are made of natural oils.  Oils of citronella, soybean, peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and geranium are effective for small periods of time.  Being particular about smells and fragrances, I find that Citronella and Peppermint ones smell less overpowering than others.  If you are going for a heavy-duty hike with the kids, then use insect repellant lotion or spray that contains 5-30% DEET (not for kids under age 2 months).  The higher DEET concentration does not mean that it is more effective, rather it just lasts longer.

Wearing loose and light-colored clothing, which provides good coverage is important.  I prefer application by hands, rather than spraying because I do worry about fume inhalation from sprays.  Avoid hiking during dawn and dusk, which increases one’s chances of being bitten.

Hope this helps.  Happy hiking!!

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