“Why don’t you try that herbal powder for her stomach?” my mother says on the phone. I know she means well, but I roll my eyes.
“For goodness sake Mom, I am not going to feed my child a powder from God-knows-where.”
“Your dad and I used to give it you all the time.”

After many such conversations, I relented. Initially I was a skeptic, but slowly I came around. I realized the goodness and effectiveness of herbs. Caraway (Ajwain) seeds are one of those remarkable seeds. Ajwain can be found in most South Asian ethnic grocery stores. Currently, FDA does not recommend any anti-diarrheal medication for young children. I use Ajwain for diarrhea and gas/bloating for my family, including the kids.

Preparation: I put a full teaspoon in 8 oz of water and boil the mixture. Once boiling, I strain out the seeds and cool the water to room temperature. Then I feed the herbal water throughout the day slowly in small sips. Large amounts can actually cause constipation, so you don’t want to give more than a teaspoon a day. Nevertheless if you want to slow down the rate of diarrhea, Ajwain is safe and effective.

Photo courtesy of: Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net