Parents often ask me when is the best time to pierce their baby’s ears. In my practice, more and more parents are opting to pierce their daughters’ ears in the first few months of life. With any piercing, it is recommended that one has up-to-date immunity to tetanus. After the six month well visit, most babies have three tetanus vaccines. So ear piercing is much safer after the third tetanus vaccine.

Some pediatricians will pierce your baby’s ears, but many do not. Ask other moms where they have taken their kids for piercing and go with the place with the best reviews. Make sure they use sterile technique. Gold studs with gold backings are best to avoid allergic reactions. Watch out – earrings can be a choking hazard. Make sure that the backings lock onto the stud.

Remember, it is not necessary to pierce the ears that early. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until they are older and are interested in having their ears pierced. When she is old enough to ask for earrings, make it a girls day out and enjoy picking out the earrings together.