Have you laughed yourself into stitches? Maybe you’ve seen better days. Did you ever find yourself in a pickle? If yes, then you are quoting Shakespeare.

Your teen may actually recognize some of William Shakespeare’s words since Shakespeare is part of most high-school curriculums. If you visit London with the family, then make sure you explore Shakespeare’s globe theater. It is a replica of the original open-air theater, but regardless, it transports you to the era of the Tudors. In fact, you can watch plays like the average public in those times by standing in front of the stage, i.e “the pit.” My favorite exhibit depicts many of the original Shakespearean quotes that we unknowingly use in our daily life.

Whether or not your teen likes performance arts or literature, the globe theater is the perfect place where he can be inspired. Even if you have not read a single play by him, you can marvel at his ability to push the boundaries. He was an innovator. He was a creative genius. I am a fan!