In case you are confused, Mrs. Amelia Peabody is a fictional British Egyptologist who is always ready for any situation. She is my role model (sigh!). She keeps her wits about her despite all sorts of mayhem around her.

In my life, I define mayhem as “keeping my toddler calm and seated in a plane full of un-sympathetic faces.” Mrs. Peabody would be ready for my toddler with the following travel checklist:

1. Pack medications: Fever/pain reducers, Anti-allergic medication, anti-itch cream or spray, daily medications for chronic medical problems as prescribed by your pediatrician.
2. Prepare a first-aid kit: Band-aid, anti-bacterial ointment, wet and dry wipes, sanitizing gel, soap.
3. Protect yourself from excess sun: Hypoallergenic sunblock is available for kids over six months. Pack floppy hats and loose cotton clothing.
4. Keep a list of phone numbers including your pediatrician, local hospitals, and urgent cares.
5. Update your family’s immunizations and discuss your travel plans with your pediatrician.

Flights can be relatively painless or excruciatingly long for parents. Be ready for all sorts of (mis)adventures. Little babies do best if suckling during take-off and landing. For any child over age one, take age-appropriate toys/activities in form of “goody bags” to distract them. As soon as they start getting cranky, surprise them with yet another bag. Always have extra food for them. Take extra diapers on the plane and extra set of clothing in case of accidents.

Now that you are prepared for the worst, get ready to have some fun. Mrs. Peabody would be proud!

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