How Not To Clean the Binky


Woops…there goes the pacifier…onto the floor.  I watch as a mom picks it up, puts it in her mouth, and then back in the baby’s mouth.  I am perplexed.  I see a lot of parents doing this.  I suppose parents think that the pacifier will be “cleaner” with a spit-wash.  Honestly, I would rather put the pacifier back on the floor.  Five second rule, right?  The 3 second exposure of an adult mouth makes the pacifier a lot dirtier and germ-infested than the floor.  That is not the environment you want your child’s teeth to grow into.

A simple solution is to buy the pacifier clip-on.  The binky (pacifier) stays attached to the child’s clothing.  So no more binky clean up to worry about.  At the end of the day, hand wash all the pacifiers and clips and you are good to go for the morning.

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